StellarSCOPE™: System for Microscopy

Source: StellarNet, Inc.
StellarSCOPE™: System for Microscopy

StellarNet’s StellarSCOPETM system combines an Olympus microscope, a 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera, an optical switch, and a spectrometer to allow its users to measure Raman, fluorescence, and color analysis on a micro spot.

Color Analysis Systems

  • Measure sample spot L*a*b* values
  • Compare colors quickly & accurately
  • Color variation displayed as numerical dE value
  • Couple with your BLACK-Comet Spectrometer and Colorimetry Accessories

Raman Configurations

  • 532, 785, 830, & 1064nm Options
  • Dual Wavelength Systems Available
  • Compatible with Ramulaser or Lab-Lasers
  • High Performance Raman-HR-TEC
  • Coupling optics, filters, & accessories available

Fluorescence Configurations

  • SL1-LED excitation source with UV-LED kit
  • BLACK-Comet OR SILVER-Nova TEC spectrometers for the highest sensitivity
  • Coupling optics, filters, & accessories available

This system is ideal for a wide variety of microscopy applications that involve food, agriculture, entomology, biotechnology, paper printing, medical research, solar cells, biology, material microstructures, metallurgical alloys, composite fabrics, and more. Download the datasheet for more information.