Stand Alone Driving Kit


MicroOLED’s MDP0xDK4 stand-alone driving kit offers the users the fastest and most efficient way to benefit from technical advantages of MicroOLED micro displays.

Intended for monocular and binocular applications, this stand-alone board has been designed to be integrated directly into end-user applications. It allows for direct integration into end products, mockups, and rapid prototypes with excellent image quality, very low power consumption, and extremely high contrast displays. Driver board included, display and optic sold separately.

Additional Product Features Include:

  • System miniaturization and fast, easy integration
  • Digital video interface (type C HDMI)
  • Standalone capability (no PC required)
  • Support for MDP01x and MDP02x and MDP03x full color displays
  • RGB video support for connection of integrated display driving modules
  • High-level PC-based Graphical User Interface for custom system configuration
  • Power consumption 200mA@5V

For more information on this product, download the available datasheet.

Sensors Unlimited Inc., An RTX Company