News | October 20, 1998

SPIE: Photonics East Features Host of Short Courses

Educational program at Photonics East includes optical design and engineering, chemical sensors, fiber optic devices, imaging and image processing, industrial systems, business engineering, and advanced manufacturing.

SPIE's Photonics East meeting, held November 1-6 in Boston, MA, includes a full roster of educational courses. You will find a list of titles and instructors below; for a full course description, visit the SPIE web site at programs/pe98/pe98_scindex.html

Basic Optical Components

SC01 - Introduction to Optics for Non-Optical Engineers (Kahan)

SC02 - Imaging Detectors (Dereniak)

SC03 - Incoherent Sources and Radiometry (Arecchi)

SC04 - Diode Lasers and High-Brightness LEDs (Linden)

SC05 - Gratings, Monochrometers, and Spectrometers (Fisher)

SC06 - Optical Scanners and Choppers (Marshall)

SC07 - Lenses, Mirrors, and Prisms (Fischer)

SC08 - Fiber Optic Components for Instruments (Maida)

Optical Beam Engineering

SC09 - A Practical Introduction to Polarized Light (Fisher)

SC10 - Laser Beam Shaping (Kennedy)

SC11 - Laser Beam Diagnostics (Roundy)

Optical Design/Materials

SC12 - Practical Optical System Design (Fischer)

SC13 - Microlens Optical System Design (Doric)

SC14 - Introduction to Optical Fabrication (Novak)

SC15 - Applications of Optical Interference Coatings (Al-Jumaily)


SC16 - Structural Adhesives and Optical Cements (Baghdachi)

SC17 - Geometrical Optics Cram Course (Goodman)

SC18 - Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Optical and Structural Materials (Paquin)

SC19 - Introduction to Optomechanical Design (Vukobratovich)

SC20 - Precision Mounting of Optical Components (Yoder)

Chemical Sensors

SC21 - Reliable Spectroradiometry (Kostkowski)

SC22 - Process Monitoring and Control with Fiber Optic Sensors (Marcus)

Fiber Optic Devices

SC23 - Intensity-Based Fiber Optic Sensors (Dakin)

SC24 - Introduction to Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensors (Paul)

SC25 - Fiber Laser Sources and Amplifiers (Digonnet)

SC26 - Bragg Grating Fiber Optic Sensors (Kersey)

SC27 - Introduction to Fiber Optic Smart Structures (Udd)

Pixelated Systems

SC28 - Video Hardware and Image Processing (Dereniak)

SC29 - Low Noise Electronics for Solid State Sensors (Ebben)

SC30 - Use of CCDs in Visible Imaging Applications (Lomheim)

SC31 - Color Imaging with CCDs and Solid State Image Sensors


SC32 - Image Quality for Pixelated Systems (Boreman)

SC33 - Sampling Realities of Focal Plane Arrays (Holst)

SC34 - Overview of CMOS Image Sensors (Wong)

Multimedia Processing

SC35 - Introduction to Digital Image Processing (Rabbani)

SC36 - Multimedia Compression Standards and Fundamentals (Rabbani)

SC37 - Data-Voice-Video Networks (Nasrabadi)

SC38 - Video Conferencing and Internet Streaming (Gardos)

SC39 - Introduction to Cryptography and Digital Watermarking with Applications to Imaging, Video, and Multimedia Systems (Delp,


Basic Industrial Systems

SC40 - Fundamentals of Machine Vision (White)

SC41 - Illumination for Machine Vision (Batchelor, Harding)

SC42 - Neural Net Applications in Image Processing (Nasrabadi)

SC43 - Fundamentals of Electronic Image Processing (Weeks)

SC44 - Introduction to Intelligent Systems and Their Industrial Applications


Industrial Image Processing

SC45 - Applied Morphological and Nonlinear Image Analysis Techniques


SC46 - Real Time Image Processing Hardware and Software (Weeks, Dougherty)

SC47 - Wavelets and Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition (Javidi)

SC48 - 3D Measurement Systems Using Image Processing: Methods, Systems and Applications (Ahlers)

SC49 - Optical Feature Extraction and Product Inspection (Casasent)

SC50 - High-Level Image Understanding for Advanced Manufacturing (Batchelor)

Courses 100 to 107 are part of Tech East '98, co-located in Boston, 1-5 November 1998.

Business & Technology

SC100 - Intellectual Property: Protection, Licensing, and Government Technology Transfer Issues (Erlich)

SC101 - Entrepreneurship and Intrepreneurship: How to Develop a Successful Business or Product (Gray)

SC102 - Achieving Excellence: How to Take Your Marketing and Sales Skills to a Higher Level (Mortell).

SC103 - Making Money with Your Technology (King)

SC104 - International Technology Transfer: Creating Successful Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances (Hale)

SC107 - Winning Strategies for Financing Technology Businesses

Advanced Manufacturing & Materials

SC105 - Surface Engineering and Materials Processing in Tribology (Nagarathnam)

SC106 - Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Tooling Technologies (Warner)

Technology Tutorials
Before attending the exhibit, product specifiers and buyers of high tech equipment, devices, systems and instruments will want to tap into these 1.5-hour tutorials. Technology Tutorials provide you with an overview of terminology, selection criteria, specifications, requirements, operating characteristics, and current and future areas of application.

• OCT: Recent Advances and Applications (Zeylikovich)

• Instrumentation Challenges in Genomics and Proteomics (Dovichi)

• Rapid Prototyping in the Iterative Design Cycle (Clay)

• Wireless Infrared Communications (Hemmati)

• Fluorescence Lifetime Technology: Application to Clinical and Biological Chemical Sensing and Imaging (Szmacinski)

• Nano-Engineered Materials and Material Processing (Yadav)

• Design by Simulation: Modeling, Topology Optimization, and Virtual Prototyping (O'Shea)

• Manufacturing Challenges of 300 mm Silicon Fab (Ghatalia)

• Advances in 3D Display Technology (DeSanto, Jefferson, Sabatini)

• Problems of Imagers and ASICs on 8" Wafers Projected to 12" Wafers (Ravey)

• Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks (Nasrabadi)

• CCD Selection Criteria Instructor: Holst

• Illumination Fundamentals (Goodman)