News | November 3, 2011

Some Like It Hot - AVT Pearleye Thermal Imaging Cameras


Pearleye long-wavelength infrared cameras from Allied Vision Technologies map differences in temperature.

Allied Vision Technologies presents the Pearleye camera family. This product line, borne of the VDS Vosskühler acquisition, makes precise thermal imaging for industrial, scientific and inspection applications possible, thanks to long-wavelength infrared sensitivity.

Thermal imaging courtesy of microbolometer technology
Pearleye cameras are so-called long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) cameras. They are equipped with uncooled microbolometer sensors that can detect differences in temperature below 80 mK (0.08°C or 32.144°F). A temperature reference element continually measures the sensor temperature and regulates the integrated Peltier module. Thus, reliable and consistent measurements are assured.

Comprehensive optimization functions
Owing to system limitations, micobolometers do not deliver flawless image quality like that of a CCD or CMOS image sensor. For that reason, Allied Vision Technologies has supplied the Pearleye with an array of optimization functions to correct image errors and elicit the best possible image quality. Among these are, for example, defect pixel und background correction that correct pixel errors or smooth the background. The numerous preprogrammed correction data sets are especially valuable: camera calibrations are optimized at the factory for different temperatures and stored so that the user can access the best parameter sets for a particular application quickly and easily. Thanks to the automatic correction data selection function, the camera can even select the best and most suitable settings fully automatically.

For the calibration procedure, the Pearleye makes use of an integrated electromechanical shutter. This shutter, which boasts an especially long life expectancy, is easily controlled via software and makes any additional shutter module redundant.

The Pearleye family consists of two models: The Pearleye P-007 offers 320x240 pixel resolution and delivers up to 40 images per second, while the Pearleye P-030 with VGA resolution (640x480) delivers an image rate of 24 fps. Both versions have a GigE Vision-compatible Gigabit Ethernet interface. All Pearleye models come with a special 18mm infrared lens. A different focal length can be delivered as needed. The AVT Pearleye is available as of now.

SOURCE: Allied Vision Technologies GmbH