Solid Colored Glass For Aesthetic Applications

Source: Abrisa Technologies

Solid Colored Glass For Aesthetic Applications

Abrisa Technologies offers a wide variety of solid colored glass for use in lighting and entertainment, architectural, and landscaping applications. Designed with soda lime glass that can be tempered for additional thermal shock resistance, the colored glass may be drilled, sandblasted, screen printed, and fabricated to any shape. Standard stocked colors include red, yellow, pink, green, medium amber, medium blue, dark blue, light blue correction, lavender, mercury vapor green, and light amber.

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Color composition is produced by mixing various metal oxides into the glass at the time it is manufactured. Abrisa keeps 1/8” thick MR11 (1.370”) and MR16 (1.965”) diameter glass for halogen lights and LED fluorescent lamps and fixtures available for quick order fulfillment. Solid glass for decorative purposes and applications other than lighting can be custom ordered in dimensions up to 24” x 48” and up to 3mm in thickness. Heat tempering can be done for most colors on sheet sizes of up to 24” x 24” ad thickness of 3mm.

For additional information on the types of solid glass color options that Abrisa makes available, download the application note.

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