News | August 23, 2012

Small, Lightweight, Intelligent: VC Nano PoE Cameras For OEM Applications

Source: Vision Components GmbH

Vision Components presents compact, PoE, Power over Ethernet enabled, intelligent camera series. Even additional devices, such as lighting, laser, flash, can be supplied with power through PoE connection of the integrated Modulport. This new product is based on the proven low-power consumption nano camera technology from Vision Components. The VC nano PoE cameras measure merely 76 x 45 x 40 mm with a weight of 250 g, making installations and interfacing in machines and factories very simple and easy. A robust industrial housing provides for necessary protection in harsh environments. The novel VCnano PoE is equipped with CS-mount lens holder; with corresponding adapters it allows to use C-mount and S-mount lenses as well. The VCnano PoE is available with four different CMOS sensors, resolutions ranging from 752 x 480 to 2592 x 1944 pixels, offering a frame rate range of 11.6 to 55 fps at full resolution. Its integrated digital signal processor provides a computational power of up to 5,600 MIPS. Up to 32 MB flash memory and 128 MB DDRAM are available for program and image storage. A total of 17 programmable digital inputs and outputs are included for integration into automation environments. Six programmable LEDs serve for displaying operating status.

About Vision Components GmbH
Vision Components GmbH was founded in 1996 by Michael Engel, inventor of the first industrial intelligent camera. Today it is one of the leading suppliers of industrial image processing.

The Ettlingen-based company maintains sales offices in more than 25 countries around the world. Vision Components develops and markets intelligent, real-time, and network-enabled cameras, which are easy to integrate into any industrial facility without additional PC. Typical applications are quality assurance and production control among others. Thanks to the proprietary, VCRT, multitasking operating system VC cameras can be flexibly adapted to various requirements. In addition, the company offers software libraries for numerous applications, including motion tracking, code detection, measurement and positioning tasks. Moreover, Vision Components develops components custom solutions for specific applications, such as wafer-handling in the solar industry or OEM camera modules for medical devices.

SOURCE: Vision Components GmbH