News | November 11, 2022

Skoltech And IRE-Polus Will Develop Photonics And Materials Science Together

The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and NTO IRE-Polyus signed a Cooperation Agreement until September 1, 2029. According to the document, cooperation is expected in the educational and innovation areas.

As goals and objectives of cooperation, the parties single out the development of student research activities in the field of photonics and materials science, the development and production of fiber lasers, certain classes of laser systems and technologies, the development and implementation of a joint targeted educational program for a master's program in the field of photonics and materials science, joint research research, as well as dissemination of their results: preparation of scientific reports, articles, manuals, holding joint events and much more.

In the Skoltech master's program in photonics, one of the educational tracks, industrial, is organized together with IPG Photonics. IPG Photonics is the world leader in the high power fiber laser industry. Students will be involved in projects for the development, production and application of high power laser systems and new laser technologies. The students of this track train in the company and receive an additional scholarship from IPG Photonics.

This year, like a year ago, on November 2, an excursion to the NTO "IRE-Polus" took place. The event was held to acquaint students with the company, working conditions, main topics, employment prospects, as well as for the possibility of a direct dialogue with the company's management.

NTO IRE-Polus LLC is the founder and one of the base companies of the international scientific and technical Group IPG Photonics Corporation with production facilities and research centers in Russia, Germany, the USA, Italy, as well as 30 representative offices in different countries of the world. The company develops and mass-produces and sells unique technological complexes for laser processing for cutting, welding, surfacing, marking, cleaning, heat hardening, drilling and other technological operations, and also provides service throughout Russia and the CIS.

“Skoltech, as an institution not only of science but also of technology, pays central attention to the demands of the industry. One of these requests is the training of personnel for high-tech enterprises, which must combine the entire range of knowledge - from fundamentals to specific applications. And if the situation with the fundamentals in the educational program can be considered at least satisfactory, then engineering training in the field of photonics still does not fully meet the expectations of the modern industry. This was partly due to weak market demand due to the small number of firms operating in high-tech areas and using advanced developments in the field of photonics. At the moment, the need for such specialists will only increase. Therefore, the task of building educational tracks,

“LLC NTO IRE-Polyus and the laser corporation IPG Photonics as a whole have to compete in the global market. A sensible personnel policy is one of the main arguments for this competition. It was not by chance that the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology was in the focus of attention of the corporation. Here, to a large extent, the educational process is being built according to new patterns. From the first month of study, students are placed in the conditions of a permanent choice - the choice not only of the direction of training, but also of the curator, educational trajectory, research laboratory and much more. NTO IRE-Polus offers Skoltech undergraduates one more choice - the choice of the future area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir professional activity. And this can certainly affect the choice of the individual educational trajectory of the future master.

Source: Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology