Silverline F-Theta Lenses for High Power and Picosecond Lasers

Source: JENOPTIK Optical Systems

Silverline F-Theta Lenses for High Power and Picosecond Lasers

Jenoptik will be presenting its Silverline F-Theta lens range for high-power disc as well as fiber and picosecond laser applications at Photonics West. This new range completes the existing range of full fused-silica lenses for high-performance lasers. As a new member of the product family, the JENar® F-Theta lens for 532 nanometers is being introduced with focal lengths of 170 and 250 millimeters for use in high-energy picosecond laser applications.

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The new F-Theta JENar® lenses 170-532-140 and 255-532-175 are specially designed for use in micro material processing for medium and high performance requirements in multi kilowatt applications. The Silverline F-Theta range of lenses for applications from 1030 to 1080 nanometers and 515 to 540 nanometers are minimally-absorbing full fused-silica lenses for high-performance disc laser as well as fiber laser applications. The diffraction-limited lens design provides a high damage threshold and offers exceptionally consistent focusing properties over the entire scanning area. They manage a beam output power of up to four kilowatts without active cooling, and secure minimal focal shift with high-performance lasers. Standard and customer-specific options are available.

Users of the new generation of devices for laser material processing will benefit from long-term stable systems, for example:

  • for the micro structuring of glass in micro electronics,
  • for micro material processing in the semiconductor industry,
  • for cutting and structuring composite fiber materials in the automotive industry,
  • for the removal of tissue during medical treatments.

In order to satisfy customer-specific requirements, the company offers complete custom designed systems, lenses, and components for applications in laser material processing, be it laser beam splitting or the expansion and distribution of laser beams. The company will show a demonstrator of laser beam splitting combined with a Jenoptik laser at their trade fair stand.

Explore the product portfolio Jenoptik provides for applications in laser material processing at: booth #1214, South hall, Photonics West.

More information on objective lenses for laser material processing.

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