Live From Photonics West 2012: Showcasing Two Advanced Cameras

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science
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Dave Bursell of FLIR Systems, Inc., showcases the SC2600 near infrared camera for the research and science community, which has a response in the .9 to 1.7 micron bandwidth. He also discusses the SC8300 HD Infrared camera, a 3 to 5 micron bandwidth measuring instrument with sensitivity greater than 20 mK.

Video Transcript

David Bursell: Hi my name is David Bursell and I am with FLIR Systems. The camera product that I am showing you here today is our SC8300 HD Infrared camera. It is a 3-5 micron bandwidth measuring instrument with sensitivity greater than 20 mK.

The outputs on the camera are SDI HD video and it also has camera length full and Ethernet for control. The unique thing about this instrument is not only is it a thermal imager it is also radio-metrically calibrated which means that you can do temperature measurement with this instrument.

There is various optics available from one meter to 4x microscope projectors. It is available now at various price points, most remarkably for under 100k; a first in this market space.

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David Bursell: Hi, David Bursell with FLIR Systems and I am here with our SC 2600 short wave infrared camera. This camera has a response in the .9-1.7 micron band width.

It is the perfect instrument for astronomy, microelectronics analysis, medical, and life science applications.

It has a 640 x 512 ray. The detector in this camera is an Indian gallium arsenide or InGaAs.

This has outputs of analog video, giga-bit Ethernet for connecting to a PC for doing data collection and analysis. It is available with various optics from 25 millimeters out to one meter.

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