News | December 7, 2016

Series 9.5 ADPs With Enhanced NIR Sensitivity Up To 950 nm

Source: First Sensor AG
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Series 9.5 ADPs With Enhanced NIR Sensitivity Up To 950 nm

The new Series 9.5 avalanche photodiodes from First Sensor feature an increased sensitivity in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength range up to 950 nm. Due to its fast rise time and very low dark current the photodiodes are ideal for applications with low light intensities and high modulation frequencies such as laser rangefinding and laser scanning. The slow increase of the amplification with the applied reverse bias voltage of the Series 9.5 allows for easy and precise adjustments of high gain factors.

The Series 9.5 APDs from First Sensor provide an excellent quantum efficiency of > 80 % in the 730 ... 930 nm range and have the option of equipping different band-pass filters. The very flat leadless ceramic-carrier SMD package is suitable for reflow soldering in industrial PCB assembly. Other housing options and designs are available upon request. Thanks to its own semiconductor manufacturing facility and extensive development capabilities First Sensor can adapt all optical sensors to customer specific requirements with respect to sensitivity, gain, speed or capacitance. 

Important features of the Series 9.5 avalanche photodiodes:

  • Enhanced NIR sensitivity up to 950 nm
  • Fast rise time and very low dark current
  • Flat gain curve
  • Leadless ceramic-carrier SMD package

Typical applications of the new Series 9.5 avalanche photodiodes with enhanced NIR sensitivity include safety scanners, 3D-mapping, environmental monitoring, high resolution LIDAR systems for autonomous driving as well as high speed photometry and fiber optical communication.

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SOURCE: First Sensor AG