Sensors, Metrology, And Control Applications

Sensors, Metrology, And Control Applications

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging has the capabilities and knowledge available to assist customers in finding the perfect fiber optic solution for sensor, metrology, and control applications. SCHOTT specialists will work with customers to jointly draw up an action plan addressing each stage leading to series production.

SCHOTT is experienced in all processes involving glass fibers and their finishing, LEDs, and final sensing applications. With an understanding of the needs of the sensor, control, and metrology market, SCHOTT offers a variety of capabilities including fiber drawing, cable extrusion, end termination, randomizing, and forming.

Examples of present applications include:

  • Spark control to prevent downtimes in industrial facilities due to fire outbursts
  • Temperature measurement in aircraft turbines
  • Real time quality control of printing products
  • Operation and control of high voltage direct current facilities to transfer electric power over long distances
  • Detection of hazardous substances in water
  • Wafer positioning and inspection

Products used in sensor, metrology, and control markets include:

  • Flexible Light Guides
  • Light Conducting Rods
  • Tapers
  • Faceplates
  • Flexible Image Guides

Visit the webpage for more information on SCHOTT’s capabilities for sensor, metrology, and control applications.

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