News | August 14, 2013

Senso Optics Release New Electro-Optical Day/Night Fire-Control-System For Target Acquisition

Senso Optics, a leader in the design, development and production of innovative thermal imaging technologies and advanced electro-optical solutions announces the EDAN-FCS, a new dedicated Electro-Optical Day/Night Fire-Control-System (FCS) for various gun diameters for target acquisition, Direct Aiming and firing Gun System which designed to work 24 hours in all weather conditions.

The EDAN-FCS – Direct Aiming Gun Sighting System, incorporates a Tactical Fire-Control-Computer & Gun Sighting Unit (EDAN POD).

Senso Optics has successfully conducted a series of laboratory and field trials of its EDAN-FCS Direct Aiming Gun Sighting System at undisclosed locations around the world. The results were exceptional with high accuracy rates.

The system also demonstrated enhanced Multi sensor performance during the testing, which was carried out in collaboration with its customers.

Senso Optics president & CEO Jacob Dagan said the EDAN-FCS provides soldiers with better clarity at all ranges, enabling target identification at greater stand-off ranges.

"Implementing EDAN-FCS will give the warfighters in the field an unfair advantage, especially at night, & Adverse weather conditions", Dagan said.

EDAN-FCS is an evolution of Senso-Optics AGSS - Advanced Gun Sighting System for Artillery Guns, which comprises an Un-Cooled NFOV (Narrow Field Of View) Thermal Sight, WFOV (Wide Field Of View) Thermal Sight, Day-Sight and Eye-Safe Laser-Range-Finder (ESLRF) for aiming and target acquisition.

The EDAN POD used jointly with the FCS computer is providing a day and night surveillance, and combined with a Laser Range Finder – enables a complete aiming and firing capabilities 7/24 operation in the battlefield. EDAN-FCS is designed to meet tough military standards; it is sealed with Nitrogen & rugged to withstand the recoil forces of Guns, up to 155mm calibre & beyond.

About Senso Optics
Senso Optics is a leader in the design, development and production of innovative thermal imaging technologies and advanced electro-optical solutions for military, law enforcement and security markets.

Senso Optics offers a wide range of targeting and visual information solutions for day and night missions.

Its products can be easily customized and integrated into a variety of systems or operated as stand-alone units. Product lines include: Multi-sensor sights, fire control systems, hand held and vehicle mounted thermal imaging cameras, thermal upgrade kits, CCD cameras, border and strategic infrastructure monitoring solutions; thermal vision helmets for fire fighters and search & rescue units, as well as, thermal sensors and a wide range of thermal lenses.

The company invests extensively in R&D and in advancing product maturity, while maintaining strict QA and environmental policies.

Senso Optics is committed to remaining at the forefront of thermal vision technology and being a leader in visual information and targeting solutions for the defense, commercial and homeland security (HLS) markets.

Source: Senso Optics