SCHOTT® Image Guides For Flexible Imaging Applications

SCHOTT® Image Guides For Flexible Imaging Applications

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers a series of Image Guides for medical devices that include customization options for higher resolutions, end surface coatings, and many other options depending on the needs of each application. The latest developments for these image bundles include 6 μm higher resolution images, a larger active visibility area, and a superior image quality with zero optical inclusions in the center zone.

SCHOTT® Image Guides are produced by a unique process which includes multiple draws of a high index core glass with a lower index clad glass and an acid-soluble jacket glass. A flexible coherent image bundle is created by chemically leaching the resulting glass rods. The bundles are then covered with sheathing, polished, and inspected to ensure the highest quality image guides.

Download the datasheet for more features and specifications on the SCHOTT® Image Guides.

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