News | February 4, 2013

SCHOTT CONTURAN DARO Coating Enables Anti-Reflective Touch Displays Without Fingerprints

First dirt-repellent, anti-reflective coating from SCHOTT now ready for serial production

The SCHOTT technology group is now ready to begin mass manufacturing of its dirt-repellant, anti-glare CONTURAN Durable Anti-Reflective Oleophobic (DARO ) coating after receiving positive feedback from potential customers. CONTURAN DARO coating combines an anti-reflective coating with an oleophobic film that protects against smudges and its buildup on the cover glasses of professional touch displays. It will be officially presented at SPIE Photonics West 2013 at booth #1600.

Using a Windows 8 PC model, SCHOTT will demonstrate how CONTURAN DARO coating results in significantly fewer fingerprints, even with intensive typing on touch-sensitive monitors, than one would normally expect from a typical glass touch screen. The coating not only repels dirt and grease, but also reduces reflections by more than 90 percent, offering glare-free viewing.

“Since its inception, the touch display market has been demanding a touchscreen that prevents smudged fingerprints, dirt, and glare from getting in the way of the user’s experience and preserves extremely high resolutions,” said Martin Walther, head of Application Development at SCHOTT Advanced Optics in Grünenplan. “Our advances in anti-reflective and smudge-proof glass coatings have led to positive reactions from our customers to the samples we provided, and we are expecting initial orders shortly. By eliminating glare and buildup of smudge, SCHOTT could expand its opportunities in the professional display market and improve interactivity with these devices. ”

Target applications for CONTURAN DARO coating include not only interactive kiosk systems and displays in public spaces, but also consoles in game rooms. In addition, other types of technical displays can also be equipped with it, including devices that are used in marine or medical technology, and information terminals in vehicles.

The harsh conditions in these environments are no obstacle, because the stability of the coating has been subjected to thorough testing. It can withstand more than 450,000 mechanical abrasions (tape test according to MIL-C-675c) and more than 90 days of a constant salt spray, which means that it also stands up to the chemical wear caused by the salt contained in sweat.

Now that the coating has been successfully tested and customers have been supplied with samples, serial manufacturing is about to begin at the SCHOTT site in Grünenplan, Germany.

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SOURCE: SCHOTT North America