News | July 24, 2012

SBIR And IRCameras Join Forces To Develop The Next Generation Of Infrared Cameras And IDCAs

Source: IRCameras

SBIR - a HEICO company - is pleased to announce the formation of a new infrared camera manufacturer, IRCameras, LLC.  The company produces an extensive line of high performance cooled infrared cameras and integrated dewar cooler assemblies (IDCA), in addition to custom design and build services to meet unique optical, packaging and space-constrained requirements.

As a subsidiary of Santa Barbara Infrared - a world leader in electro-optical test systems - IRCameras leverages SBIR’s IR/EO test expertise to help produce the most technically advanced infrared imaging systems available today.  By bringing together a highly experienced team of scientists, engineers and marketing professionals, IRCameras is uniquely positioned to address the needs of the EO/IR community.

Through partnerships with leading suppliers of cutting edge infrared focal planes, IRCameras’ products are designed to provide high performance and sensitivity in an advanced yet user-friendly camera platform.

“As the leader in the development of sophisticated infrared scene simulators and E-O test systems, it was a natural progression to enter the infrared imaging market. Our strategy is to advance the development of thermal imaging technologies, and to commercialize these technologies for a wide range of applications, including scientific research, target signature analysis, nondestructive testing, and security and surveillance, to name but a few” said Steve McHugh, President, SBIR and IRCameras LLC

About SBIR
Founded in 1986 (SBIR) designs and manufactures the world’s most technologically advanced test instrumentation used to test, calibrate and validate the performance of Infrared (IR) and Electro-Optical (E-O) sensor components and systems. SBIR is focused on providing well engineered, cost effective hardware and software solutions to the E-O community. For more information, visit

About IRCameras LLC
IRCameras, LLC is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of high performance infrared imaging systems for exceptionally demanding scientific, industrial and military applications. IRC offers commercial and customizable cameras, OEM cores and IDCAs that utilize the most sophisticated digital focal plane technologies, providing the highest sensitivity and fastest frame rates. For more information, visit

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Source: IRCameras