News | March 23, 2005

Santa Barbara Infrared Delivers Precision Spectral Radiometer to U.S. Navy


Santa Barbara, CA — Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc. (SBIR) announces the development of an extremely accurate, high-precision spectral radiometer designed to address U. S. Navy requirements for high thermal sensitivity and increased radiometric accuracy. The RAD9000, in development for the past year, offers unprecedented radiometric performance over Navy-critical mid-wave infrared (MWIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) spectral bands, and conforms to the U. S. government's Test Accuracy Ratio standards for current and emerging high performance electro-optical (EO) sensors.

The RAD9000 system consists of two primary modules, the electro-optics module (EOM) with interchangeable detector radiometry modules (DRMs). Two additional modules, a radiometric reference module (RRM) and a reference control module (RCM) are also available to maximize radiometric accuracy. The RAD 9000 system readily allows for calibration of both "projector-level" test systems and stand-alone test assets such as blackbodies and discrete targets.

The system controller features an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) via the RAD9000 host computer. The RAD9000's flexible system architecture includes advanced technology to allow precise measurement with absolute radiometric accuracy better than 5%, spectral resolution of less than 2% and thermal sensitivity better than 40 mK. The advanced system software is modular and easy to integrate into automated test installations, and offers the capability to view, store and export measurement data in a variety of ways.

About Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.
Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc. (SBIR) was founded in 1989 and designs and manufactures the most technologically advanced Electro-Optic Test Equipment available worldwide. SBIR is the leading supplier of standard and custom instrumentation for FLIR testing, IR detector testing, IR simulation and testing-sensor boresighting. Standard product offerings include blackbody sources, target wheels, targets, collimators, target projectors, IR scene simulators, detector test benches and FLIR test software. Custom engineering solutions support all infrared testing, including mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, electro-optical and software/firmware designs. SBIR's engineering designs span the spectrum from wide and narrow band infrared applications to laser and visible systems, often fusing several systems at different wavelengths into an integrated, single instrument. For more information, please visit

Source: Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.