Application Note

90 Day Salt Fog Durable Infrared Anti-Reflection Coatings

Source: Artemis Optical

Proteus coatings have been developed to overcome the long standing issue of high durability with the consequential loss of transmission.

With armed forces continuing to have increased dependence on optical surveillance technology (IR and Visible) often in very harsh environments, the ability to operate dependably over prolonged periods of time is gaining increasing importance. This particularly applies to maritime and homeland security applications, where a combination of salt fog and acid rain can cause rapid degradation of optical surfaces. This results in significant reductions in detector and camera performance, together with the need to repair or replace these surfaces on a regular basis.

Artemis Optical Limited recognised that end users would benefit greatly if the rate of surface degradation could be reduced, whilst at the same time seeking to improve optical performance over that currently achieved by existing technologies. Artemis Optical Limited was eager to accept this technical challenge and to devote its advanced technology team to finding a solution.

Artemis Optical Limited has extensive knowledge of materials and coating techniques, as well as the ability to create performance models that accurately predict optical performance in advance of laboratory testing. This considerably shortens development schedules and allows a greater number of options to be investigated.