Rugged Thermal Camera For Outdoor Perimeter Surveillance And Robotics: Viento 67-640

Source: Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.

Rugged Thermal Camera For Outdoor Perimeter Surveillance And Robotics: Viento 67-640

The Sierra-Olympic Viento 67-640 is a rugged thermal camera designed for careful object detection and classification in perimeter surveillance, robotics, motion detection, and other rugged outdoor applications. Designed to be able to operate in wet, dusty, and difficult environments, this imager offers standard NTSC/PAL composite video output as well as uncompressed digital output for applications requiring full-fidelity data transmission.

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The Viento 67-640 features a fixed focal length, a fixed mount, and a 640 x 480 resolution array with 17 μm pixels. The camera includes automatic image normalization and an integrated shutter for high quality images, as well as Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™) for scenes with low thermal contrast. Additional characteristics include custom lens calibration options, color palettes (on digital only), digital zoom and scroll, and lens options ranging from wide 90° HFOV to narrow 6° HFOV. Ideal applications for the Viento 67-640 includes process monitoring, industrial imaging, military imaging, maritime imaging, and traffic management.

Download the full datasheet for more features, specifications, and models available for the Viento 67-640 thermal imager.

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