Redefining LED Cabin Lighting: SCHOTT® HelioJet

Redefining LED Cabin Lighting: SCHOTT® HelioJet

SCHOTT has collaborated with Lufthansa Technik on cabin interiors, with SCHOTT focusing on fiber optics technologies and LED illumination, and Lufthansa Technik concentrating on lighting control, certification, and validation and provides installation, maintenance, repair, and overhaul services.

The HelioJet White relies only on two LEDs that guide the light into an optical converter. Based on fiber optic principles, the converter mixes the light and distributes it evenly over the entire distance of the light element.

This technology overcomes the challenge of ageing LEDs. The lighting system provides unmatched homogeneous light continuously over time. Working with only two LEDs per lighting segment, 80 percent less diodes are used over conventional LED strips. The mean time between failure (MTBF) is much higher, and LEDs can be easily exchanged, enabling new maintenance concepts that clearly support an ecologically friendly approach.

HelioJet SpectrumCC is based on an optical converter at the ends of which four LEDs (RGBW) generate and feed light. The Color Control allows every single LED in the lighting system to be permanently monitored and tuned by the unique sensor technique. It enables almost unlimited designs for mood lighting and corporate color themes with 16 million different color shades.

The HelioJet SpectrumCC works with an optical light converter. At each end four LEDs feed in light, which is harmonized in the optical light converter. This HelioJet SpectrumCC includes an innovative, sensor based technology ensuring that every single LED installed in the system is perfectly in tune with the specified setup and produces the desired color temperature extremely accurately.

For more in-depth information on the HelioJet LED technology, download the available brochure.

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