News | September 23, 2020

Raptor Launches Ultrafast And Sensitive EMCCD Camera For Under $25K


Raptor Photonics has released the Kestrel, an ultra-fast EMCCD camera, offering single photon sensitivity at KHz frame rates for under $25K.  Using a cooled back-illuminated sensor, it offers ultra-high sensitivity from 350nm to 1100nm with a peak QE of 95% at 600nm.  Designed with a scientific grade 16-bit A/D converter, it has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels with 24µm square pixels and provide a standard CameraLink output. The camera can operate up to 2KHz with ROI, making it one of the fastest and most sensitive cameras available on the market. Applications including wavefront sensing, adaptive optics, space debris tracking, calcium signalling, fluorescence imaging, as well as tracking fast objects.

For further details, please contact:
Raptor Photonics Ltd.
Telephone: +44 28 2827 0141
Kestrel datasheet