News | January 16, 2007

Raman Explorer 532 Deployed For Biological And Chemical Threat Assessment

Fitchburg, MA — Headwall Photonics, a supplier of high performance integrated spectrometer systems for spectral imaging and chemical sensing solutions, announced for general availability the Raman Explorer™ 532, a high performance Raman spectrometer based on Headwall's patented, retro-reflective concentric design. The availability of this product utilizing a 532nm excitation laser extends the capabilities of the Raman Explorer platform which is currently used in missioncritical applications ranging from space exploration to deep ocean research to inline process analysis of industrial operations.

The Raman Explorer 532 is the newest member of Headwall's Raman Explorer product family which is the industry's first multi-channel, multispectrum Raman spectrometer platform designed for high performance Raman applications in harsh environments. As with all products within the product family, the Raman Explorer provides exceptional performance and offers customers the advantages of an extended Raman fingerprint range of 4,000 wave numbers with extremely high resolution of less than 4 wave number resolution.

Headwall's David Bannon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, believes that the introduction of the Raman Explorer 532 is a great example of the inherent design flexibility of this instrument platform. "For OEM customers who require a high performance Raman instrument platform, the Raman Explorer provides versatility that encompasses a broad range of excitation laser options for Raman applications. The ability to utilize a common platform design incorporating high performance capabilities within an extremely small form factor are key factors in customers selecting Headwall Photonics."

The Raman Explorer 532 offers advantages beyond industrial environments. For example, the product is currently being tested within the most demanding applications such as chemical and biological threat assessment. According to Dr. Pat Treado, Chief Operating Officer, at ChemImage Corporation, "As a leader in detection of biological and chemical warfare agents, ChemImage was looking for a reliable Raman platform that would provide the necessary optical performance and spectral differentiation necessary to provide rapid, cost-effective detection and identification of pathogens. The Raman Explorer 532 instrument, with its exceptional spatial imaging, spectral bandwidth and resolution provided ChemImage with enhanced photometric performance that we require for leading edge Raman systems."

According to Mr. Bannon, the company is working with several OEM manufacturers to provide application-specific capabilities for a variety of market sectors that require high performance spectral imaging capabilities. By coupling the company's patented innovative spectrometer designs and very high efficiency diffractive optics, Headwall has established a reputation as a world leader in spectral imaging products.

SOURCE: Headwall Photonics