Radiometric Detection and Imaging: Tamarisk® Precision Series

Source: Leonardo DRS


The Tamarisk Precision Series of micro thermal imagers for radiometric detection and imaging offers 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 pixel resolution within the 7.5 - 14 μm spectral band. They are ideal for applications involving test and measurement, fire detection, equipment monitoring, perimeter security, gas leak detection, and more.

These imagers utilize an uncooled VOx microbolometer with 17µm pixel pitch, 8-14µm spectral band operation, and <50 mK sensitivity (NEdT) @ f/1.0@ room temperature. Unique competitive offerings include the ability to delineate multiple regions with user defined color parameters, a dynamic range with manual or automatic range switching, and an adjustable spotmeter function for rapid temperature measurements.

There are several different lens options available for variations in effective focal length, horizontal and vertical fields of view, size, and performance. For more information on the Tamarisk® Precision Series of thermal imagers for radiometric detection and imaging, download the brochure.