White Paper

White Paper: Quantum Well Intermixing

Source: Intense Ltd.

The latest advances in diode laser technology are driving the development of next generation systems. Through advanced semiconductor design and patented Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) technology, Intense is delivering laser products with superior brightness, longer lifetimes, and increased reliability. The company's new Quantum Well Intermixing process is revolutionizing the way lasers are solving mission critical applications by producing integrated chips at performance levels and yields previously unseen in the industry.

QWI is an integration technology that allows the properties of a semiconductor quantum well structure to be modified after growth. The process combines active and passive components on the same chip. Intense's proprietary QWI technology is used to fabricate complex laser diodes, laser diode arrays, and photonic integrated circuits in a production environment. The end result is next generation laser technology that is easily incorporated into a wide range of applications.