News | March 7, 2018

Qioptiq Introduces New LINOS F-Theta-Ronar 265mm Lens For 1900-2000nm


Small F-Theta-Ronar Lens Delivers Large Scan Field and Small Spot Size for High Power Applications

Qioptiq, an Excelitas Technologies Company and global technology leader in delivering innovative optical and photonic solutions, introduces its new LINOS F-Theta-Ronar 265mm Lens for 1900-2000nm. The small, fused silica lens for scanning areas up to 177x177mm² at a wavelength of 1900-2000nm is ideal for high power applications requiring reduced thermal focus shift including melting processes such as polymer welding, clear plastic welding and 3D structuring/selective laser etching of glass and silicon.

Featuring a shorter focal length compared to existing F-Theta-Ronar scan lenses, the 265mm lens for 1900-2000nm results in smaller overall size. It also delivers a large scan field of up to 177x177mm2 with the same minimum spot size of 94µm, as compared to existing scan lenses with a focal length of 354mm for 1900-2000nm.

The LINOS F-Theta-Ronar 265mm Lens is one out of many available lenses from Qioptiq, which offers a range of telecentric and non-telecentric lenses with varying focal lengths. Additional product attributes of the F-Theta-Ronar 265mm lens include:

  • Entrance beam diameter of up to 10mm resulting in a spot size of 94µm
  • Complete fused-silica design
  • Focal lengths for 1900-2000nm ranging from 265mm to 437mm, tolerance ±1 %
  • Screw thread M85x1
  • Transmission ≥ 96 % at 1940n
  • Interchangeable protective glass

“We are extremely excited to expand our popular LINOS F-Theta-Ronar Lens product line with the addition of the LINOS F-Theta-Ronar 265mm Lens for 1900-2000nm,” said Matthias Koppitz, Application Engineer at Qioptiq. “The development of lasers with higher power levels has created a growing market for precision lenses. Our new LINOS F-Theta-Ronar 265mm Lens provides both a smaller overall size and large scan field, backed by the excellent coating competence, reliable operation and technical support that Qioptiq delivers.”

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Source: Excelitas Technologies Corp.