News | March 11, 2015

Q-Motion Miniature Piezo Nanopositioners

q 522

Precision positioning systems specialist Physik Instrumente (PI) recently introduced a new series of miniaturized, piezo-driven linear positioners at the 2015 Photonics West conference -- the world’s most important trade show and conference on photonics developments.

PI’s new Q-Motion positioning stages are ultra-compact, only 22mm wide come with travel ranges from ½” to 1 inch (26mm).

Q-522 Compact Positioners, Economical in Open and Close-Loop
Several options are available for the Q-522 stage series, from economical open-loop designs, to low-cost closed-loop versions and high-end feedback sensors providing 1nm resolution.

Vacuum compatible stages are also offered and a non-magnetic option is in preparation.

More Information, Specifications and Datasheet:
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Cost-Efficient Inertia Drive System
The drive principle is based on a cost-efficient piezo inertia drive motor (stick-slip). Stages and drive can be customized for larger production quantities.

Self-Clamping at Rest, High Stability
The self-clamping motor design provides long-term power-off position-hold capabilities without the need for a brake -- another space and energy saving advantage of the Q-Motion positioner series.

Applications of the Q-Motion Miniature Linear Stages
Precision positioning and alignment of compact opto-mechanical components both in research and OEM instrumentation. Fields of application include photonics, bio-technology, nanotechnology, precision-optics, life-sciences and medical design.

Custom Designs for Industrial Customers
PI has a long history of working with instrumentation manufacturers and can easily modify existing designs or completely customize piezo devices to fit the exact requirements of the application.

Click here for a video demonstration of PI's miniature inertia motors.

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP