PURAVIS® Eco-Friendly Glass Optical Fibers

PURAVIS® Eco-Friendly Glass Optical Fibers

The PURAVIS® eco-friendly glass optical fibers from SCHOTT are designed for outstanding transmission of white light, even for long length applications. This “green” product is manufactured in an entirely environmentally friendly manner, including the entire proprietary manufacturing process, making the fibers automatically compliant with the EU directives RoHS and REACH.

The PURAVIS glass optical fibers feature a lower color shift so that illuminated objects retain their natural color, and low dispersion resulting in illumination with high color uniformity. The improved numerical aperture allows the light guide to capture more light from the start. Lower attenuation in the visible range results in even higher light output at the end of the light guide, which allows for smaller light guide diameters with the same output.

To learn more about the PURAVIS eco-friendly glass optical fibers such as additional features and specifications, download the brochure and available datasheets.

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