Professional Thermal Cameras: FLIR T530 And FLIR T540

Thermal Imaging Cameras: T530 And T540

The T530 and T540 are a part of FLIR’s T-series of compact infrared (IR) cameras for scientific and R&D applications. These models feature greater sensitivity, better accuracy, and a higher temperature range than other cameras in the series. With an improved ergonomic design, rapid-response user interface, and the exacting detail of FLIR’s unique Macro Mode, T500-Series cameras increase efficiency, reduce test times, and provide new insights into the target’s thermal behavior.

These IR cameras record more than 160,000 points of non-contact temperature measurement, with high sensitivity and component detail down to 71 µm/pixel spot size. With a versatility of 180° optical block rotation, or the flexibility of the USB, WiFi, and radiometric data streaming, the T500 Series adapts easily to measuring targets of various sizes and in difficult-to-reach environments. Cameras feature IR resolution of 320 x 240 (76,800 pixels) or 464 x 348 (161,472 pixels), and an UltraMax® resolution of 307,200 effective pixels or 645,888 effective pixels. A built-in Macro Mode is included for measuring small components, as well as a macro lens for even greater image detail.

For more information on the T530 and the T540 series IR cameras’ specifications and features, download the datasheet and brochure.


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