Newsletter | April 2, 2024

04.02.24 -- Problems Solved With EUV, PbS/PbSe, And UVG Detectors

Enabling Early Fire Detection With PbS And PbSe Detectors

Lead sulfide (PbS) and lead selenide (PbSe) detectors are essential for flame, gas monitoring, and climate change mitigation, but integrating them into applications poses challenges. Opto Diode offers tailored solutions for improved performance and reliability.

Precision In Light: DUV Photodiodes In Lithography And Medicine

Discover the indispensable role of DUV photodiodes in medical and semiconductor manufacturing. Opto Diode's UVG series ensures precise UV dosage control, vital for phototherapy, sterilization, and semiconductor processes. With industry-leading performance and customizable options, seamlessly integrate these detectors for maximum efficiency and safety.

Understanding Detectors With Thermoelectric Coolers

Explore the essential components for maximizing detector performance and system integration in this white paper. Delve into topics including detector cooling, linearity, and proper mounting techniques, alongside insights into bias and amplification circuitry for routine testing.

Reliable EUV Photodiodes For Space Applications

In the vast expanse of space, extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light, spanning 10 to 120 nanometers, holds vital importance in unraveling solar mysteries. Examine the pivotal role of EUV light measurements, specifically through the lens of photodiodes, in advancing space technology, satellite operations, and climate studies.


Electron Photodetector: AXUV100G

The AXUV100G is a 100 mm x 100 mm active area electron detection device specially designed for use in radiation detection applications.

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