News | May 24, 2023

Princeton Infrared Technologies Honored With Silver Innovators Award

Source: Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc.
PR - BPCam

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ – May 23, 2023 – Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. (PIRT), global leaders in indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) imaging technology, has been named a 2023 Innovators Award Silver Honoree by Vision Systems Design.

This prestigious award is for the BPCam, an extended shortwave infrared (SWIR) laser beam profiling camera with thermoelectric cooling. The 1280 x 1024 T2SL camera features

90 fps at full resolution. The larger detector array pitch of 12 µm combined with the extended wavelength response provides high signal-to-noise ratios to support imaging and detection from visible wavelengths out to 2050 nm. The newer Type 2 Superlattice structure allows high quality imaging without the artifacts of dislocations from typical extended InGaAs imagers, making it ideal for imaging and profiling lasers.

The Vision Systems Design Innovators Award program reviews and recognizes the most innovative products and services in the vision and image processing industry. Criteria judged in the award rankings include originality, innovation, impact on designers, systems integrators, and end users. Other important factors considered by the judges are: fulfilling a need in the market that hasn’t been addressed; leveraging a novel technology; increasing productivity.

According to Dr. Martin H. Ettenberg, president and CEO of PIRT, “We are delighted to accept VSD’s innovative product award for our BPCam, which was developed to support an extended SWIR response in laser beam profiling with TEC cooled operation. I’d like to thank the U.S Air Force SBIR program for supporting the original research and everyone on our team who worked so hard to make this product come to life.”

About Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc.

Specialists in indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) imaging technology, Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. focuses on design and manufacture of both shortwave infrared cameras, and one- and two-dimensional imaging arrays as well as development of APDs and advanced photonic devices. All products are created in the company’s fabless environment under strict testing and quality control guidelines, providing innovative and cost-effective detectors that image in the visible, near- and shortwave-infrared wavelengths. Application areas include spectroscopy for sorting materials, moisture detection, thermal imaging, night vision, and laser imaging for military, industrial, and commercial markets.

Source: Princeton Infrared Technologies Inc.