News | December 9, 2014

Precision Optics Corporation, Inc. Completes Initial Order with Sony Medical

Source: Precision Optics Corporation

Precision Optics Corporation, Inc. (the “Company”) announced recently that it has completed an initial order for a new surgical microscope video adapter for Sony Electronics’ Medical Systems Division.

The adapter, called ‘3D Simplicity’ is an integrated video adapter system that facilitates integration of Sony 3D camera technology into a range of ophthalmic surgical microscopes. This enables the presentation of high definition imagery of microscopic ophthalmic surgery onto 3D monitors and enables 3D high definition recording of these procedures. This new system was announced by Sony Medical in October 2014, and demonstrated at the American Academy of Ophthalmology 2014 Annual Meting.

Precision Optics CEO, Joseph Forkey, commented, “This order is indicative of the caliber of our customers and represents additional validation of the quality of our product offering. We are excited about he launch of the Sony 3D Simplicity video adapter and are optimistic that market acceptance of the technology will result in follow-on orders. The combination of Precision Optics’ ability to design and manufacture world-class optical medical devices, particularly those requiring precise alignment for 3D imaging, along with Sony Medical’s market leading 3D High Definition cameras and great reputation in the medical imaging space, make products like these possible. We look forward to an ongoing collaboration with Sony on this and other applications and technologies.”

As part of the order, Precision Optics Corporation is the exclusive provider of the 3D Simplicity video adapter for Sony Medical.

About Precision Optics Corporation
Precision Optics Corporation has been a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced optical instruments since 1982. The Company designs and produces next generation medical instruments, Microprecision micro-optics with characteristic dimensions les than 1 millimeter, and other advanced optical systems based on the Company’s state-of-the-art optical technologies. The Company’s innovative medical instrumentation line includes Lenslock laparoscopes, arthroscopes, and sinuscopes, as well as endocouplers and a world-class product line of 3D endoscopes for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Precision Optics Corporation