Precise Piezo Z-Axis Stage: PZMU-2000

Source: Applied Scientific Instrumentation

Precise Piezo Z-Axis Stage: PZMU-2000

This precision piezo z-axis stage can be used by itself in stand-alone applications, or it can be attached to the top of a microscope’s existing XY stage. On some microscopes, this top plate can be mounted to an OEM stage.

The PZMU-2000 piezo-Z top plate (or x-axis stage) can be mounted to any horizontal surface, including the top of an upright microscope’s manual XY stage. An optional controller (PZM-C) can be used in conjunction with this stage, providing a position readout, RS-232 serial control, external focusing knob, and home and zeroing controls.

This piezo Z-axis stage features a closed loop control of the Z-axis for precise and highly repeatable focusing, proven operation with many popular software packages, and nanometer-scale resolution, repeatability, and accuracy.