PowerMax-Pro Sensor

Source: Coherent, Inc.

PowerMax-Pro Sensor

The PowerMax-Pro Sensor from Coherent is the newest device in sensor technology designed to enhance productivity and quality while improving measurement speed. This sensor features a technological advancement in laser power sensing that combines the response speed of a semiconductor photodiode with the broad wavelength sensitivity, dynamic range, and laser damage resistance of a thermopile.

The PowerMax-Pro is able to rapidly sense thermal changes due to its incident laser energy. Heat flows vertically through a film that is only microns thick, rather than radially to the edge of the device over a distance of several centimeters. The measurement response time is then able to fall below 10 µs. This high speed response is ideal for commercial applications where the CW laser power and pulsed laser energy can be sampled much more frequently. These detectors are also useful for virtually all commercial, scientific, and medical lasers operating in the visible, near infrared, and far infrared, including CO2 lasers at 10.6 µm.

Additional PowerMax-Pro Features:

  • Measures power in tens of microseconds
  • High power up to 150W
  • Supports lasers from UV to Far-IR wavelengths
  • Capable of tracing the individual pulse shape of modulated and long pulse lasers
  • Large 30 x 30 mm active area

For more specifications of the PowerMax-Pro Sensor, download the datasheet.