Portability Miniature Portable Mass Spectrometer

Source: BaySpec Inc.
Bayspec - Portability

Portability is a miniature portable mass spectrometer designed to provide master quality and reliable analysis outside of the lab, stripping out the cost and logistics of lab test outsourcing. 

Requiring no sample preparation and its compatibility with almost any ambient ionization source including ESI, APCI, TD-ESI, TD-APCI, and DBDI. This self-contained portable mass spectrometer offers a simple solution for a wide range of applications, such as vapors/liquids/solids, CWAs/TICs, biological/biomedical, forensic, agriculture, food safety, security, and explosives. The user-friendly interface, rapid deployment, and real-time results make Portability a great solution for fast and dependable field analysis for any user in any location.