Pockels Cells

Source: G&H
G&H pockels cells image

G&H's Pockels Cells enable higher performance and reliability across numerous laser applications, providing increased optical power. The standard product ranges can accommodate wavelengths from from UV to IR (200 nm -12 μm).

From growing crystals to manufacturing the components, G&H's vast experience in Pockels cells spans nearly 50 years. The company has the ability to optimize Pockels cells for specific applications or create custom solutions, when required.

Pockels Cells Product Series Include:

  • QX Series – Rugged 99% KD*P with the highest modulation bandwidth and lowest piezo-optical ringing.

  • Impact Series – 99% KD*P optimised for integration by OEMs into diverse applications.

  • Centaur Series – Design innovation enables easy retrofit or replacement of many of the QX devices.

  • TX Series – Large-aperture Pockels cells designed to protect the beam line in large scale laser platforms. Aperture up to 100mm available.

  • Chiron Series – BBO is a KD*P alternative, enabling higher optical power and higher modulation speeds.

  • IRX Series – For IR applications where the spectral range of KD*P and BBO is not sufficient.  

For more information, download the available application note.