Pockels Cell Drivers

Source: G&H

As a leading crystal grower with decades of electro-optic device design experience, G&H manufactures a comprehensive range of Pockels cells for applications. To complement these, we have developed a range of high quality pockels cell drivers including our Q-series Q-switch drivers and R-series regenerative amplifier drivers.

A key consideration when choosing a Pockels cell driver is the required switching voltage.

  • Switching voltage is typically higher for BBO than KD*P.
  • Half-wave operation requires twice the voltage of quarter-wave.
  • Q-switch drivers provide a fast rise time followed by a longer delay time.
  • Regenerative amplifier drivers have a square pulse with a fast rise and fall time and adjustable pulse width.

G&H offers the Lab Q-Drive, OEM Q-Drive, QDP models, R200, R200 System, HVR and HVR System. High quality components are integrated into our designs to maximize safety, reliability and lifetime.

Q-Drive for Q-Switched Lasers – our signature driver which is developed with a differential output eliminating high DC voltages relative to ground at the pockels cell - perfect for high noise immunity and optimum signal integrity. Available in both laboratory and OEM configurations.

R200 for Regenerative Amplifiers – designed specifically for use with BBO pockels cells at quarter-wave voltage, G&H’s R200 is compact and cost-effective – ideal for pulse selection and ultrafast laser regenerative amplifier designs up to 2.5kV at 200kHz.

HVR-Drive – offers voltage capability of up to 7.5kV at repetition rates of 200kHz, making it appropriate for use with BBO pockels cells in ultrafast regenerative amplifiers, KD*P pockels cells and most BBO pockels cells at half-wave voltage.

HVR-System – with a driver, power supplies and control electronics, G&H’s HVR System offers out of the box functionality. Capable of operation to 7.5kV and 200kHz repetition rates, our HVR-System can be custom configured for specific requirements.

All G&H pockels cell drivers are fully customizable for each application – from wiring to cooling by air, water or conduction/convection, allowing all OEM designs to be built to the desired form factor and mounting requirements.

Pockels cell drivers can be used in a variety of applications including: Q-switching, regenerative amplifiers, laser pulse selection and management.