PixelSensor™ Multispectral Sensor


PixelSensor With OEM Electronics Board

Multispectral photodiodes by PIXELTEQ benefit from a micro-patterned optical filter technology that shrinks spectral sensors into a 45.72 mm x 21.34 mm footprint. The new PixelSensor from PIXELTEQ is partnered with a new OEM electronics board, and offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional sensor technology. This device is designed for simple integration into customers’ analytical equipment, providing a faster time to market.

The PixelSensor is manufactured with a parallel channel design with no moving parts. It provides spectral sensing in an integrated package design with up to eight photodiodes with optical fibers. Customization options are available for the number of channels, package type, and filter characteristics. Ideal applications for the PixelSensor with the new OEM electronics board include in vitro diagnostic instruments, biochemical assays, imaging, and colorimetry.

For more features and specifications on the PixelSensor, download the datasheet.