Pioneering Scientific Imaging Manufacturer Andor Technology Is 20 Years Old

Source: Andor Technology PLC

Belfast, Northern Ireland - Andor Technology plc (Andor), a world leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, announces that it has been 20 years in business. Since 1989, the company has consistently delivered innovation, performance, and strong value to its scientific research customers, as well as its growing number of OEM partners.

Renowned as a pioneer in the photonics industry, Andor launched in 2001 the innovative EMCCD technology with the iXon platform of ultra-sensitive cameras. The company then expanded its portfolio with the Revolution, a range of flexible confocal solutions. With years of academic and industrial experience, Andor also provides advanced and versatile CCD, EMCCD and ICCD detectors and spectrographs.

Scientists around the world have relied on the speed and sensitivity of Andor's products to perform ground-breaking research with applications such as Raman, NIR, LIBS, Bose-Einstein, live cell imaging, X-ray, single molecule detection, ultra-sensitive FRET spectroscopy, spectral flow cytometry, super-resolution microscopy and photovoltaic electroluminescence. Its cameras also helped astronomers discover in 2006 two new Jupiter-sized planets around stars in the constellations of Andromeda and Delphinus.

Over the past two decades, Andor has expanded its operations worldwide, opening offices in the USA in 1997, in Japan in 2000 and in China in 2006, where it has established itself as a trusted vendor with a growing customer list made up of leading research institutes and universities.

More recently, Andor was the winner of the Cathay Pacific Rising Star Award, which acknowledges business dynamism and success by small and medium sized enterprises operating in Hong Kong and China.

Andor Chairman Dr. Bryan Keating said "Our continued success in the photonics industry is the result of our dedicated and highly skilled workforce, reliable suppliers, trusted distributors, satisfied and loyal customers and committed investors. We look forward to delivering strong value to all our stakeholders over the next decade thanks to our ongoing technological innovation."

SOURCE: Andor Technology PLC