PiezoMove Linear Flexure Actuator: P-603

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

PiezoMove Linear Flexure Actuator: P-603

This linear flexure actuator features frictionless guidings and travel ranges to 0.5 mm. It’s ideal for precision motion control in optics for micropumps, valve control, dosing systems, and other applications involving medical, biotech, and microfluidics applications.

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The P-603 PiezoMove Linear Flexure Actuator features travel ranges to 0.5 mm, flexure guides for linear motion with minimum tip and tilt, and an optimized design for manufacturing in large quantities. It’s also available with an integrated position sensor. Several different models are available in this line with variations in open and closed loop travel and resolution, stiffness in motion detection, unloaded resonant frequency, electrical capacitance, dynamic operating current coefficients, and more. For detailed specifications, download the available datasheet.

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