Piezo-Z Microscopy Scanner: P-736 PInano®-Z

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

Piezo-Z Microscopy Scanner: P-736 PInano®-Z

The P-736 PInano®-Z is a low profile, low cost, high-speed piezo-Z slide scanner with extremely fast step and settling times from 5 msec at target position. With an exceptionally low profile for easy integration and travel ranges of 100 or 200 µm, this scanner is ideally used for scanning microscopy, 3D imaging, laser technology, interferometry, metrology, biotechnology, and micromanipulation.

The P-736 includes a PICMA® piezo actuator drive with significantly higher humidity resistance and excellent guiding accuracy due to the FEA-modulated flexure points. High-resolution piezoresistive sensors are included for stable position control. The scanner is also equipped with the compact E-709 piezo controller where control is possible via USB, RS-232, and a broadband analog interface.

For more features and specifications on the P-736 PInano®-Z, download the datasheet.