Piezo Nano-Focus Positioner for Heavy, High NA Objectives

Piezo Nano-Focus Positioner for Heavy, High NA Objectives

The P-726 PIFOC® is a high-load/heavy objective scanner for applications involving wafer inspection, 3D imaging, screening, confocal microscopy, surface analysis, autofocus systems, and super resolution microscopy.

This nanofocusing system achieves the fastest possible stepping time with the heavy, high-numerical-aperture objectives typically used in high-resolution microscopy. This positioner features 1120 Hz resonant frequency (560 Hz with a 210g load), a typical settling time of about 6 ms, resolution to 0.3 nm, 100µm travel range, and much more.

High stiffness is achieved with the rotationally symmetric arrangement of multiple piezo drives and the optimized design of the flexure and lever elements, which assure the excellent guiding accuracy and dynamics.QuickLock thread options are available for simple and fast installation, and ceramic insulated piezo actuators provide a long lifetime. Additional information on specifications and features can be found on the available datasheet.

Check out this video demonstration of the nano-focus positioners at work.