White Paper

Piezo-Based Nanopositioning For Ophthalmology

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

By Birgit Bauer, Business Development Manager Health Care Sales, PI (Physik Instrumente)

Human beings are visual animals, in other words, they acquire most information visually. It is therefore no wonder that vision is very important. Vision defects have been corrected with optical glasses since the 13th century. The first clinical studies investigating surgical methods to "shape" the cornea started in the 1930s. Today, different laser methods have become established that correspondingly influence the curvature of the cornea to correct visual acuity. They all have one decisive factor in common: Laser beam control and focusing that requires high-precision positioning systems. Piezo-based solutions usually have an advantage here. They work with the necessary precision, are fast, reliable, and can be integrated well in today's laser systems due to different and compact designs.