News | February 19, 2021

PicoQuant Presents Latest Developments At The Virtual Photonics West 2021

Source: PicoQuant GmbH

This year’s highlights are the MultiHarp 160, a scalable multichannel event timer and the improved rapidFLIMHiRes imaging method.

Berlin (Germany), 19 February 2021 – PicoQuant has quite a few treats in store for attendees of this year’s virtual SPIE Photonics West (March 6–11, 2021). A major highlight is the launch of the latest multichannel event timer: The MultiHarp 160, a plug-and-play time tagger and Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) unit that is optimized for applications requiring up to 64 timing channels with an outstanding time resolution of 5 ps and ultra short dead time of less than 650 ps.

Another highlight is the improved rapidFLIMHiRes approach that enables ultra fast and quantitative fluorescence lifetime imaging without sacrifices in lifetime resolution. An invited talk given by of Sales & Application Specialist Microscopy Dr. Fabian Jolmes explains the inner workings of this improved imaging method and how it helps in studying fast processes such as protein interactiosn or environmental changes.

A second talk by Sales & Application Specialist Spectroscopy Dr. Christian Oelsner explores how PicoQuant’s FluoMic add-on can be used to measure steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence from a positionable, micrometer-sized observation volume. Both talks will be available in on-demand in the Digital Forum from March 6 to 11, 2021.

Like every year, Rainer Erdmann, Managing Director of PicoQuant, Felix Koberling, Head of Development Microscopy, PicoQuant, and Ingo Gregor, University of Göttingen, Germany, host the BiOS session on Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Superresolution Imaging, featuring many fascinating talks by upcoming and established scientists. Due to the circumstances, PicoQuant decided to change its traditional Young Investigator Award to a sponsorship: three upcoming researchers will have their SPIE attendance fees for this year’s conference paid for by the company.

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PicoQuant is a leading research and development company specialized in optoelectronics, which was founded in 1996. The company, headquartered in the science and technology park of Berlin-Adlershof, Germany, is a worldwide leader in the field of single photon counting applications. The product portfolio encompasses picosecond pulsed diode lasers, ultra fast time taggers and photon counters, single photon sensitive detectors, time-resolved confocal and super-resolution fluorescence microscopes, as well as fluorescence lifetime spectrometers. More than 125 people currently work for the PicoQuant group, primarily in its German headquarters, and with strong sales and support teams in the USA and in China.


1) Picture of the MultiHarp 160
Caption: PicoQuant’s new MultiHarp 160 is a time tagger that features a large number of synchronized inputs without compromises in time resolution and data throughput.

2) Picture of rapidFLIM HiRes measurement
Caption: With rapidFLIMHiRes the rise of calcium ion concentration in the cells shown in the picture can be quantitatively observed over a short time period.


Source: PicoQuant