News | June 5, 2015

PI Releases Brochure On Advanced Motion Control With Magnetic Drive Technology

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
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PI Releases Brochure On Advanced Motion Control With Magnetic Drive Technology

June 2015, Auburn, MA – Precision motion innovator and industry leader PI (Physik Instrumente) LP has released its newest brochure, on advanced electromagnetic direct drives for nanopositioning and precision automation applications.

Drive Concepts for High Speed and Precision
PIMag Magnetic Direct Drives Technology can achieve accelerations up to 60g, nanometer precision, and travel ranges 100’s of millimeters. Linear motors are offered in three-phase and single phase designs (voice coil) for linear and rotary motion. Different drive concepts, including reluctance motors, resonance motors, ironless motors, and cylindrical and linear Halbach arrays, are available.

Motion Controllers
With fast step and settle, constant velocity mode, and on-the-fly ability to change from position control mode to force control mode, the PIMag controller is a flexible and affordable solution. The usability of this controller is further enhanced with a graphic easy-to-use software interface designed for a quick start and easy parameter optimization, based on PI’s standard common command set, and drivers for fast integration with commonly used third party software.

Download PIMag Magnetic Direct Drives Technology Catalog

Decades of Demonstrated Success
PI’s prowess of in-house engineering and manufacturing is clearly proven with the broadest and deepest portfolio of precision motion technologies, including sub- positioning stages, air bearing systems, photonics alignment engines, piezoelectric linear motors, electromagnetic linear motors, magnetic-levitation technology, high-speed, flexure-guided scanners, and parallel kinematics hexapod nanopositioning systems for up to six axes. PI has a long history of working with industry and research and can easily modify existing product designs to fit the exact requirements of the application with a custom solution.

Applications of PIMag Magnetic Direct Drives
Applications include automation, semiconductor test and metrology, medical engineering, photonics alignment.

SOURCE: PI (Physik Instrumente)