White Paper

White Paper: Photonics Components Modeled In CODE V

Source: Optical Research Associates

Optical Research Associates is a leader in the optics industry both as the largest independent optical engineering services organization and as the developer of the world's leading optical design software package, CODE V®. Founded in 1963, ORA has experienced continual growth by focusing its technical leadership in the single area of optical design and through an unwavering commitment to its customers' success. ORA employs over fifty engineers among its seventy-five employees.

CODE V is a comprehensive program for optical design, analysis, tolerancing, and fabrication support. It is used by organizations around the world to design a wide range of optical systems for a variety of products, including photonics components, photographic equipment, video cameras, medical instruments, aerospace systems, and much more. CODE V's advanced features provide outstanding flexibility and ease of use, and ORA's excellent technical support helps users maximize their benefit and productivity from the software.