Application Note

Photodiode Typical Applications

Source: Excelitas Technologies

Photodiodes are unique among light detectors in that when illuminated, they generate an output which is proportional to light level. Their characteristics and features can be summarized as follows:

  • Low cost visible and near-IR photodetector
  • Excellent linearity in output photocurrent over 7 to 9 decades of light intensity
  • Fast response times
  • Available in a wide range of packages including epoxy coated, transfer molded, cast, and hermetic packages as well as in chip form
  • Low noise
  • Mechanically rugged yet compact and lightweight
  • Available as duals, quads or as linear arrays
  • Usable with almost any visible or near infrared light source such as LEDs; neon, fluorescent, incandescent bulbs; lasers; flame sources; sunlight; etc.
  • Can be designed and tested to meet the requirements of your application