Photodiode Arrays


OSI Optoelectronics offers an array of linear or 2-dimension photodiode arrays in a variety of different sizes and pitch to suit a number of applications. They are delivered in LCC, DIP chip carriers, PCB, ceramic, or monolithic solderable bare chip models.

Multi-Element Photodiode Array

OSI Optoelectronics offers a wide range of multichannel monolithic arrays for simultaneous measurements of a moving beam or beams of many wavelengths. They feature low electrical cross talk and super high uniformity between adjacent elements allowing very high precision measurements.

Two-Dimensional Photodiode Array

The PIN-4X4D is a 2-dimensional, 4 by 4 array of superblue enhanced Photodetectors. The design provides virtually complete isolation between all of the 16 elements, and a standard LCC package allows easy integration into surface mount applications. Numerous applications include ratio and scattering measurements, as well as position sensing.

For additional information on these photodiode arrays, download the available datasheets or check out the webpage.

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