Phantom® Flex4K-GS

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

Phantom® Flex4K-GS

Vision Research offers the new Phantom® Flex4K-GS based on the Flex4K cinema camera platform. It incorporates a global shutter with a 4K, 9.4 megapixel, 35mm sensor, which ensures that every pixel exposes at the same moment in time. At a full resolution of 4096 x 2304 pixels, this camera is capable of capturing over 1000 fps, and over 1900 fps at a 2000 resolution. The minimum exposure time is 5 microseconds.

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The Flex4K-GS has the unique ability to switch between global shutter mode and rolling shutter mode. This way the camera can achieve the higher dynamic range and lower noise of a rolling shutter, while not having to deal with the creation of motion artifacts that make high precision measurements difficult. The camera works with Phantom PCC software or on its own using an integrated control menu. The CineMag IV media allows the customization of the best capture technique based on each subject.

For more information on the Phantom® Flex4K-GS, download the available datasheet.

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