News | September 15, 2009

Pelham Research Optical Announces VUV/UV Filters, Beamsplitters And Broadband Metallic Mirrors For Analytical Applications

Pelham Research Optical, a leading manufacturer of VUV/UV bandpass filters and broadband metallic coatings, is proud to announce its complete line of coatings from 120-320mm. This new line of optical coatings extends to our Narrowband, Broadband and Broadband Metallic coatings by offering superior reflectance, transmission, bandwidth and out-of-band rejection to enhance our customer research and applications.

Pelham Research Optical VUV/UV bandpass filters offer excellent peak transmission bandwidth and out-ofband rejection and are ideal for a variety of analytical and astronomy applications. Key narrowband filter wavelengths include Lyman-alpha filters 121.6nm, 147nm, 172nm and 193nm.

Broadband filters from 130-320nm offer increased transmission and bandwidth while maintaining strong out-of-band rejection and are exceptional for less sensitive applications. Our filters are available at all wavelengths from 120-320nm.

Pelham Research Optical broadband metallic coatings offer superior VUV/UV reflectance down to 120nm. All PRO standard coatings for 120nm, 160nm, 190nm can be optimized for any wavelength in the 120-250nm range. While providing excellent VUV/UV reflectance, these coatings provide high reflectance throughout the visible to the IR, a Key component for increasing throughput for analytical applications.

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About Pelham Research Optical L.L.C.

Pelham Research Optical (PRO) is a manufacturer of high quality VUV (Vacuum Ultraviolet) and UV (Ultraviolet) optical filters, mirrors and coatings. By combining state-of-the-art coating chambers specifically optimized for critical coatings in the VUV/UV wavelength range (120-320nm) and our advanced metrology capabilities to provide accurately measure reflectance/transmission down to 120nm. We are committed to continuous improvement of our products and services, while continuing to meet and exceed our customers our standard requirements.

With over 30 years of experience specializing in VUV-UV astronomy and analytical applications, our team has been involved in the TRACE Program, UVCS-SOHO Mission and WFPC II - Wide Field Planetary Camera on the Hubble Space Telescope and the AFM - Actuated Fold Mirror for the 1993 Hubble Servicing Mission. PRO has the experience and capabilities to meet and exceed our customers application requirements, please contact us today with your standard and custom requirements.

SOURCE: Pelham Research Optical