Scientific CMOS Camera: Orca-Flash 2.8

Source: Hamamatsu Corporation

Hamamatsu's Scientific CMOS Camera: ORCA-Flash 2.8 is a high-sensitivity digital camera based on their scientific CMOS image sensor, FL-280, that offers 2X the pixels, 4X the speed, and 1/2 the noise — all at a lower price than standard interline CCD chips. The Orca-Flash 2.8 has the ability to deliver high resolution, high readout speed, and low noise all at an affordable price making it the scientific camera of choice for applications including life sciences, microscopy, semiconductor inspection, industrial imaging and x-ray scintillator readout.

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Datasheet: ORCA-Flash 2.8 CMOS
ORCA-Flash 2.8 Technical Note
Cameras for Microscopy

For even better, unprecedented sensitivity as well as high dynamic range, blazing fast speeds, large field of view, and excellent resolution check out the ORCA-Flash4.0.

The ORCA-Flash2.8 is suitable for various applications including brightfield imaging, low-light fluorescence imaging, and high-speed imaging. For brightfield applications, this camera offers excellent dynamic range and high resolution. For fluorescence and NIR DIC applications, it has sensitivity combined with speed and dynamic range. The camera’s frame rate is ideal for high-speed imaging such as in-vivo imaging, patch clamping, and other dynamic biological events.

ORCA-Flash2.8 Scientific CMOS Camera Parameters

  • Image sensor type: 2.8 megapixel scientific CMOS
  • Wavelength sensitivity: Visible
  • Intensity of signal: Low light
  • Frame rate at full resolution: 45 frames per second
  • Exposure time: 20 microseconds to 10 seconds
  • Spatial resolution (pixel size): 3.63 microns



Features Benefits
  • 2.8 megapixel scientific CMOS image sensor with 3.63 microns square pixels
  • Large field of view, high spatial resolution, and high dynamic range (4500:1)
  • 3 electrons rms readout noise (at analog gain 8x)
  • High sensitivity for dim signals
  • 45 frames per second at full resolution
  • High-speed imaging with low noise
  • Multiple external trigger and timing output functions
  • Synchronization with peripheral equipment

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  • High-speed Ca2 imaging
  • Ratio imaging
  • FRET
  • TIRF microscopy
  • Live cells expressing GFP
  • Time lapse fluorescence imaging
  • Micromorphological observation
  • Blood flow
  • Wide-Field Endocytosis
  • Real-time confocal microscopy
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
  • Failure analysis
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • X-ray scintillator readout


Click Here To Download:
Datasheet: ORCA-Flash 2.8 CMOS
ORCA-Flash 2.8 Technical Note
Cameras for Microscopy

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