News | January 24, 2005

Opto Sigma's X-Y Stages Integrated Into Precision Analytical Tool


Santa Ana, CA -- OptoSigma Corporation, a custom supplier for optics, optical coatings, opto-mechanical products and integrated solutions for emerging applications, has developed a precision X-Y stage that has been integrated into a new analytical measurement tool by imaging Technology international Corporation (iTi). A global industrial ink jet technology company, iTi selected OptoSigma's proprietary X-Y motion control platform for its exact positioning capabilities. The stage is integrated into iTi's Drop Watcher III to perform precise measurements of the fluid-jetting parameters of ink jet print heads. The tool is used in industrial applications where repeatable and exact measurements of drop formation and flight characteristics of jet-able fluids are required.

Opto Sigma's X-Y stages are a critical component of the system, moving the print head position through micrometer adjustments so the user can automatically track drops of ink (or other jet-able fluids) at various stages of formation across all nozzles in a print head. Typically, drop volumes can range from 3 to 150 pico liters, depending on the print head nozzle size and drive wave form used to drive the print head. The new automatic Drop Watcher III can be setup to magnify, contrast, and analyze opaque or transparent fluids for quick, accurate and consistent results. The iTi Drop Watcher has a 50 mm, monochrome CCD camera with a zoom lens (from 0.75X to 4X or from 2.5X to 10X magnification) and digital image capture that includes an optional, user-selectable strobe delay for viewing and measuring various stages of drop formation.

"We researched several companies to find the most reliable and highly precise X-Y stage for our Drop Watcher III. Because of our critical performance requirements, OptoSigma's precision X-Y stages were our first choice," notes Dr. Ross Mills, founder and chief technologist of imaging Technology international. He continues, "OptoSigma's engineers and market development staff are great to work with and as committed as we are to solving precision motion control challenges. We like it when a company is as particular about details as we are!"

Steve McNamee, OptoSigma's Vice President of Operations, notes, "We welcomed the challenge that iTi offered. Our engineering staff worked diligently to develop the most reliable and precise X-Y platform for the DropWatcher III. Our opto-mechanical business has always been known for our commitment to customer service and partnering with adjacent industries. It's our pleasure to find solutions that really answer our customer's requirements and working with imaging Technology international on the DropWatcher project was an opportunity for us to work in another vertical and growing market."

About the Companies:
OptoSigma Corporation, based in Santa Ana, California, is a manufacturer and distributor of optics, optical coatings and opto-mechanical devices. Founded in 1995, OptoSigma offers unparalleled customer service while delivering high performance products such as standard and custom optical components, thin film optical coatings, manual and motorized positioners, X-Y stages, stepping motor actuators and piezo stages for a variety of applications and industries. Please visit for more details.

imaging Technology international Corporation (iTi), is an established leader in ink jet integration, with a 12-year track record of engineering, developing, and manufacturing industrial ink jet deposition and printing solutions. iTi offers a comprehensive range of ink jet development tools that deliver outstanding performance and cost-effective operation for high-value production processes. Founded in 1992, iTi is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. For more information, please visit our web site at

Source: OptoSigma Corporation